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  • Company: Belgrave Heights
  • Name: David Wilson
  • Role: IT Manager
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Website:
  • Industry: Education


David Wilson is the IT Manager at Belgrave Heights Christian School in Melbourne, Australia, where he manages the computer and communications infrastructure supporting approximately 575 students and 90 staff members.  Like many educational institutions around the world, he's got a tight budget and limited staff to provide secure and reliable networking tools that can support students and faculty.  

Business challenge:

The busy teachers at Belgrave Heights Christian School frequently work after hours to grade student papers, write reports, and prepare teaching materials. Historically, they could only access the necessary network resources and files from their campus offices. As IT Manager, David spent a lot of time, effort, and school money to establish and maintain remote access for teaching staff through hardware-based VPN. Affordability and security were big concerns, so David started looking for a better solution.


Hoping to avoid the expense and complexity of a traditional VPN, David tried a variety of cloud-based services like Hamachi and LogMeIn. After testing, he found those tools lacked the broader functionality and efficiency he needed. Looking for other alternatives, David asked his fellow IT pros in the Spiceworks online IT community (, and they pointed him to Pertino. David downloaded the Pertino app for free and deployed a network in a matter of minutes.

Of course, David needed to make sure Pertino was the best networking solution for Belgrave, so he put Pertino and the other cloud-based services through a special test. He gave his most advanced students some packet-sniffing tools and asked them to hack into each service. The kids were able to find holes in LogMeIn and Hamachi, but they couldn’t make a dent in Pertino. The trial convinced David that Pertino was the only way to go.


Today, David uses Pertino for both file and printer sharing, and to perform after hours tasks like server updates from offsite.  “With Pertino, it’s no different if I work from home or in the office.  My access is the same.”  Confident in the security and reliability of Pertino’s service, David has added another IT admin to his network. The teachers will be next. Pertino will allow the teaching staff to access student data after hours, write reports from home, and print documents straight to the school’s printer.  “I love using software that just works,” he said. “Pertino has been a great piece of software to install, setup, and use.”


The ‘school-friendly’, device-based monthly pricing lets David achieve his networking goals for the school while staying in budget.

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