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Networking Unplugged

Perspectives on cloud networking and software-defined WANs

Posted July 09, 2014
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Cloud Networking, Literally

An early Pertino customer, Jeff Barker (CEO and Co-founder of Immediate Insight), reached out to us the other day to share his literal interpretation of cloud networking. On a recent cross-country flight, he was able to access his company server and address a crucial customer issue using inflight WiFi and his Pertino cloud network. Definitely a bit more productive than the nap I took on my last cross country flight. Here’s Jeff’s story—

A couple of weeks ago, I was flying from New York to San Francisco, and a customer issue surfaced just before I was boarding the plane. I had to deliver information to a prospective customer by the next morning, and getting it meant I needed to access the behind-the-firewall server running our Immediate Insight product. I thought I’d have to wait until the plane landed at 11:30 pm in SF to work on it.

Then it occurred to me… fresh off a series of meetings with partners and customers in New York where I used Pertino to remote demo Immediate Insight, would the Pertino network allow me to access the server from the plane?

When the plane passed 10,000 feet, I powered up my machine, paid the WIFI access fee and, within seconds, was connected to my Pertino cloud network and the Immediate Insight server. I spend the next five hours querying millions of Immediate Insight records, capturing screen shots and putting my proposal together. To my surprise given the unpredictable nature of airplane WiFi, the performance was quite good and the Pertino network connection never skipped a beat.

How cool is that? Accessing your servers from anywhere and any altitude just like you’re in the office. Engineers that relish the soliditude of long plane flights may not be huge fans at first, but they’ll come around!

The next morning, I shared my experience with our CTO, and his response was, “not surprised.”  He’s been telling me for two years that building things from the ground up with the latest technologies can make things fast and easy that have been slow and difficult. Immediate Insight is doing it for IT big data analysis and Pertino for networking.

Full disclosure: Immediate Insight adopted Pertino while they were in their first release beta because we worked with much of the founding team at Packeteer and know what they’re capable of. They really came through for me. Nice work, Pertino!

Welcome to the cloud computing era.

Todd Krautkremer

Todd Krautkremer

SVP, Strategy and Strategic Partnerships

Pertino is my 5th start-up since "doing time" at AT&T and Siemens. I thrive on building new market opportunities and speak networking, security, cloud, XaaS, mobile, Big Data, carriers, and чуть-чу́ть Russian.

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