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Networking Unplugged

Perspectives on cloud networking and software-defined WANs

Posted February 24, 2014
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Private Court System's Verdict: Pertino Networking Solutions are "Ideal"

Federal Arbitration, Inc. is a private court system that provides mediation and arbitration services for complex civil cases throughout the Unites States. Its roster of professionals includes an internal staff of ten, along with a team of 41 retired federal judges who work as-needed on a remote basis. As FedArb's COO, Jay Weil, juggles an assortment of critical duties that keep the firm going and growing. In spite of his many roles, Jay has to make time to act as the company's default IT Manager, and that brings an assortment of frustrations.

To manage the huge volume of confidential legal documentation that comes with each case, FedArb has developed a customized system. Unfortunately, Jay and his people are forced to deal with ongoing annoyances associated with notifications and versioning. The system doesn't always play well with others, resulting in compatibility issues with systems from other firms.

Jay has reservations about moving to the cloud, since his firm handles highly confidential documents from contracted judges, and security concerns left him feeling reticent. But because the firm works with “technology averse” older judges, Jay needed a full-featured networking tool that would be secure, always on, and most importantly, simple.

In addition to these concerns, Jay had to address practical problems associated with data transfer. FedArb's employees and judges were always running into snags when trying to send gigantic legal documents via email. Jay tried Google Docs first, but security concerns steered him away. Jay eventually came across Pertino in the Spiceworks community, an online community comprised of over 2.5 million IT pros.

After reading the positive Pertino reviews from Spiceworks members (see all reviews here), Jay was sold. He downloaded Pertino and built a cloud network in minutes. He then added FedArb staffers to the firm's new network with just a few clicks and downloads.

It's no small change, according to Jay, who calls Pertino’s networking solution "ideal." According to him, FedArb was looking for a solution for remote access and file sharing for years, without finding anything that came close to meeting the firm's needs. Now, he can provide in-house and offsite employees with full internal network access without ongoing IT support or staff training.

Like so many others, FedArb has reversed its previous judgments about the cloud, and that's opened the door to big benefits, enabling Jay to focus his time on the things that matter most.

Larry Stein

Larry Stein

Director, Marketing

This is Larry’s fifth startup over the past 15 years, during which he navigated two IPOs and two acquisitions. Before Pertino, Larry served tours of service with Ameritech and data communications training.

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