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Networking Unplugged

Perspectives on cloud networking and software-defined WANs

Posted October 10, 2012
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SpiceWorld 2012 Perspectives

If you ever want to witness the pride and plight of the SMB IT pro, you need to attend SpiceWorld. If you're not familiar with SpiceWorld, you first need to understand the movement that is Spiceworks.

The Spiceworks community is a band of 2.2 million IT pros spread across six continents who are bound together by free IT management software and, more importantly, a mission-specific social interaction platform. While free IT tools are nice, what really makes Spiceworks tick is the zealous community of IT pros who are affectionately called Spiceheads. They come together as a collective of IT intelligence and experience to help solve problems, provide insight on products, share vendors experiences, and exchange bacon-laden words of wisdom.

Now, back to SpiceWorld. This was my first time attending the semi-annual Spiceworks conclave which was precipitated by the community launch of Pertino's beta program. As a first-timer, I would describe it as part SMB IT revival and part user group meeting. The Pertino team had a chance to meet with numerous Spiceheads and members of the Spiceworks executive team and here are a few of my take-aways...

  • Spiceworks fundamentally changes the approach and economics of reaching the SMB IT marketplace
  • There are a bunch of really bright SMB IT pros out there who are shackled by limited time, resources, and budget
  • Selling into the SMB IT space means you are dealing with an attention economy -- it's the scarce currency they all share
  • SMB IT environments straddle legacy and emerging equipment and infrastructure -- XP on one hand, cloud on the other
  • Spiceworks will further enhance market efficiency in the future as it evolves towards more of a community-driven marketplace
  • If Spiceworks can deliver a more efficient path to market, I foresee a new generation of tech companies focused on easing the plight of SMB IT pros with Pertino first in line

The following links provide more details on the launch of our beta program in the Spiceworks community...

Todd Krautkremer

Todd Krautkremer

SVP, Strategy and Strategic Partnerships

Pertino is my 5th start-up since "doing time" at AT&T and Siemens. I thrive on building new market opportunities and speak networking, security, cloud, XaaS, mobile, Big Data, carriers, and чуть-чу́ть Russian.

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