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Networking Unplugged

Perspectives on cloud networking and software-defined WANs

Posted August 04, 2013
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Welcome To The New WWW Generation

It's Saturday night in the heart of the Silicon Valley and I've got a hour to kill between evening festivities. So what's a dedicated workaholic executive to do with such a windfall of time? Pop into the nearest wifi-enabled watering hole, of course. As I powered-up my Mac in an attempt to drain that bottomless glass I call my inbox, I noticed something... There, down along the bar, were three other duty-bound individuals like me (I reject the term losers) pounding on their keyboards while they were pounding down beers and pizza. Welcome to the new WWW (Work Wherever You Want) Generation.

This new workstyle is not just an artifact of the tech-savvy Silicon Valley. It's happening everywhere. As a recent article in ComputerWorld points out, if you walk into just about any Starbucks today you will see the WWW Generation hard at work and probably keeping you from a seat. The rapid pace of innovation in mobile and the Cloud is knocking down office walls and IT barriers and making it possible for people to work when and where they want.

While businesses have provided their people with anywhere access to a number of cloud-based applications, like and NetSuite, for a over a decade now, many of the most crucial applications and files have remained locked deep behind corporate firewalls and only accessible by a chosen few who have been granted expensive Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity. At Pertino, we are intent on eliminating this last bastion of IT that has us still shackled to our office networks.

Instead of people needing to go to the office to access applications, files, and printers that are only available on the office LAN, Pertino is bringing the office LAN to the people by creating a cloud-based network that provides secure, LAN-like access from anywhere and any device. As I'm getting ready to wrap-up my work and meet-up with some friends, I'm using our new Mac release of Pertino to upload my board presentation to our secure company server and saving me from having to swinging by the office in the morning. I'll drink to that!

Todd Krautkremer

Todd Krautkremer

SVP, Strategy and Strategic Partnerships

Pertino is my 5th start-up since "doing time" at AT&T and Siemens. I thrive on building new market opportunities and speak networking, security, cloud, XaaS, mobile, Big Data, carriers, and чуть-чу́ть Russian.

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