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Networking Unplugged

Perspectives on cloud networking and software-defined WANs

Posted April 01, 2014
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What is a Cloud Server?

The cloud is a general term used to describe a network of servers that process and store data. With cloud hosting, cloud servers take advantage of pooling and virtualization to provide a scalable compute and storage infrastructure with utility pricing. From a storage perspective, cloud servers access data clusters spanning drives, arrays and even datacenters using a variety of database architectures. Cloud servers with their diverse storage configurations, can support a broad set of computing use cases.

Much like the Internet itself, cloud hosting has developed out of the need for computing universal connectivity and elastic computing resources. As bandwidth speeds continue to increase and the price of bandwidth and storage drops, economics and utility of cloud computing continues to grow.

Cloud + Networking
At Pertino, we’ve applied cloud computing’s key features and benefits to networking. The Pertino Cloud Network Engine uses next generation networking technologies like overlay network virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN). The Pertino software platform is hosted in top tier data centers around the world, and leverages their massive computing power and redundant, multi-gigabit connections to the Internet backbone to ensure optimal network scale and performance.

With Pertino, IT professionals can now:

  • Provision networks on demand and in minutes (on-demand self-service)

  • Leverage internet based connectivity and the high speed backbone of cloud network providers (broad network access)

  • Rely on private cloud networks to easily move between data centers as required by performance and redundancy (resource pooling)

  • Count on the capacity to scale up and down based on user needs without advanced request. The users see capacity as essentially unlimited (rapid elasticity)

  • Deploy networks on a user by user basis, growing or contracting with the needs of the business and only paying for the resources used. (measured service)

As cloud servers become more common, connecting them to existing networks poses unique challenges for IT pros. Plagued by frustrations related to traditional VPN, many are turning to cloud networking. Why? Because cloud networking makes providing secure access easier and more cost effective. It offers a simpler way to give workers safe access to their applications and files —from in and outside the office.

The future of networking rests in the cloud, but how does that make things better for the IT people charged with making it all run like clockwork? In addition to everything else on their plates, IT pros are now grappling with providing reliable remote access for an increasingly mobile workforce. Traditional VPN solutions take lots of time to set up, configure, and maintain. With cloud networks there are no hardware or purchase limitations. No forklift upgrades.

Much like cloud servers are replacing onsite servers for computing and storage duties, cloud networking solutions like Pertino cloud-based networking, are proving to be a viable alternative to dedicated hardware networking solutions. Pertino eliminates the hardware and cost constraints of traditional networking, and opens up new possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses. There's no hardware to buy, set up, configure, maintain, or upgrade. IT pros can deploy Pertino cloud networks in just a few clicks, and manage multiple networks via Pertino’s simple cloud dashboard.

Cloud Networking Saves Time & Money
There’s no doubt the future of networking is in the cloud. By unchaining IT from traditional VPN, cloud networking enables IT pros to streamline other priorities while saving money on traditional networking infrastructure. With simple scalability and subscription-based fixed costs, Pertino cloud-based networking lets organizations save time and money.

Larry Stein

Larry Stein

Director, Marketing

This is Larry’s fifth startup over the past 15 years, during which he navigated two IPOs and two acquisitions. Before Pertino, Larry served tours of service with Ameritech and data communications training.

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