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Networking Unplugged

Perspectives on cloud networking and software-defined WANs

Posted February 28, 2014
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Why You Should Put Your Network In The Cloud

As cloud continues to gain influence within the IT networking world, it’s only a matter of time until on-site hardware VPN offers more pain than gain. With an increasingly mobile workforce, and the economics of cloud, more businesses are looking to cloud-based networking over traditional VPN. To learn why, let's break down the differences between the two.

Hardware VPN vs. Cloud VPN

There’s a big disparity between cloud-based networking and traditional VPN. To understand these differences, take a look at the attached presentation where we consider 11 factors:

  1. Dealing with hardware
  2. Upfront costs
  3. Installation / deployment demands
  4. Configuration
  5. Reliability
  6. Management
  7. Ongoing Costs
  8. Cloud-based server access
  9. Scalability
  10. Flexibility
  11. Security

All of these factors are important considerations when choosing the best networking infrastructure for your employees, company, and budget. Let’s see how on-premise hardware VPN and cloud VPN compare.

Comparing on-premise vs. cloud-based networking, the benefits of cloud are hard to deny.

With the cloud, you can create secure, optimized networks in just minutes and deploy network services on demand. It’s the ultimate time saver and the ideal solution to the challenges associated with modern networking. 

Larry Stein

Larry Stein

Director, Marketing

This is Larry’s fifth startup over the past 15 years, during which he navigated two IPOs and two acquisitions. Before Pertino, Larry served tours of service with Ameritech and data communications training.

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