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Networking Unplugged

Perspectives on cloud networking and software-defined WANs

Posted November 13, 2013
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Your burning Pertino questions, answered

Knowledge is power—at least that’s what my 4th grade science teacher used to tell me.

To empower you, we created this Slideshare to address the twelve basic questions you may have about Pertino—the security we use, how to use Pertino, the data centers we're in, they way we deploy, and more.

Check it out:

Still have questions about Pertino? Let us answer them in person – give us a call at (408) 502 – 5401 or shoot us an email at

Larry Stein

Larry Stein

Director, Marketing

This is Larry’s fifth startup over the past 15 years, during which he navigated two IPOs and two acquisitions. Before Pertino, Larry served tours of service with Ameritech and data communications training.

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