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  • Company: Small law firm
  • Name: Tim Arechiga
  • Role: IT Service Provider
  • Location: California
  • Website: N/A
  • Industry: Legal


Tim Arechiga is an IT service provider for a small law firm with 10 employees and plans to quickly grow to 20. As a new firm, they don’t yet have a centralized office, and the employees are working from various home offices. Tim is responsible for all they day-to-day IT management and support for the firm and is the go-to man for all IT decisions and configurations.

Business challenge:

As with any law firm, Tim’s customers collaborate across documents and systems. With each employee in a separate office, ensuring everyone has constant, secure access to the most up-to-date information proves difficult. Legacy networking options such as VPN were too costly for this small firm to consider, not to mention the frustrations end users have with dropped connectivity and clunky setups.


Tim considered a site-to-site VPN at every home office. However a VPN required too much configuration and would not allow for a seamless integration. The firm needed simple and secure remote access right away, and he did not have time to purchase and deploy a traditional solution.


Tim had used Pertino previously and thought it would provide the firm with the network they needed at a price they could afford. Tim sent invites with basic instructions to the lawyers, and that was it. All 10 employees now use Pertino to connect to company resources located across devices, as well as the hosted server located at Tim’s house. 


Tim calls Pertino his “always on VPN alternative.” It’s just easy to use. There’s no VPN, no overhead of a VPN and no VPN connectivity problems. The firm has what they need, when they need it.

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