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LAN-like connectivity everywhere

Give your people LAN-like connectivity to the behind-the-firewall and cloud-based files and applications they need to be productive, no matter where they are. Unlike a VPN, Pertino acts like a LAN in the cloud, giving users a LAN-like experience when accessing resources. Bonus: Fewer help desk tickets for you to deal with.

See it in action

Complete mobile access

Treat your mobile devices like full network citizens. Our Pertino for Android mobile app and iOSConnect network app lets users simply and securely access behind-the-firewall files and applications from their Android, iPhone or iPad devices. With remote desktop and Windows file browser support, your people can leave their laptops behind and never be more than a click away from critical office resources.


No configuration

Build a VPN from scratch, add new people and deploy a network service in just a few clicks. No need to enter a single IP address or worry about routing or configuring firewall rules, security certificates, DHCP, DNS or NAT. We do the hard work of networking so you can get your people connected faster and get on with your day.


Forget about hardware and all of the upfront costs, forklift upgrades and ongoing maintenance that go with it. With nothing but an Internet connection, you’re up and running on a hardware-free Pertino cloud network. You won’t run out of horsepower or ports, and you can add more users and functionality whenever you need.

End-to-end encryption

Protect your network with AES 256-bit encryption that keeps your private data secure from end-to-end. And since every network is in its own virtual private cloud, your data stays private, no matter what.

Extend Connectivity with Apps

We've got a lot in store for AppScape, our app store. Our Cloud Network Engine has the horsepower to deliver network services as cloud-based apps that instantly deploy on your network at a price that's right for any business.

  • NameStation
  • ADConnect
  • iOSConnect
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