iOSConnect lets you use the native VPN client on iPads and iPhones to connect users to your virtual overlay network for secure access to files and applications from anywhere. It supports any device running iOS 7 or later.


  1. Access your iOS profile for each network from the User view within the NetCloud Engine Web Console
  2. Distribute it among your iOS users
  3. Have your users follow the steps to install the profile on their iOS device


  • iOS devices can access any server on your virtual overlay network
  • Use either NetCloud Engine fully qualified hostnames or IP addresses to connect
  • Use Mobile Safari to access any internal web applications


  • Connect all your iOS devices to your virtual overlay network
  • Access remote files and applications from your iOS devices
  • Combine with SmartZones and SecurityPolicy to create zero-trust mobile access
  • Works with any iOS-compatible app for RDP/VNC and file access

What's new

New NetCloud Engine Web Console look and feel.



Last updated

August 26, 2016

  • Available with NetCloud Engine Business plans or above
  • Supported OS platforms: iOS 7 or above
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