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IoT: Connect And Protect Devices At Mass Scale

The confluence of pervasive wireless, miniaturized components, elastic cloud, and connected consumers is giving rise to the biggest tech revolution since the Internet itself: the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has the power to transform lowly mechanical objects into modern marvels that can disrupt century-old industries and entire markets and create a few new ones along the way.

But, this new wave of technological disruption comes with a storm surge of new social, economic, and security related challenges and threats. At its core, IoT is an interconnected ecosystem of clouds that gather, process, analyze, visualize, and broker data across a web of businesses, governments, and end users that consume it. This connectedness makes IoT a security challenge of unprecedented proportions, requiring us to rethink traditional network and security paradigms, and develop new ways to connect and protect devices at the mass scale.

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