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Posted October 29, 2013
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Cradlepoint Delivers Industry’s First Cloud Network App Store For Network Services

Austin, TX – Oct. 29, 2013 – Cradlepoint, a company reinventing networking for the cloud era, today unveiled AppScape™, the industry’s first cloud network app store for network services, and several other major additions to its Cloud Network Engine at the Spiceworld 2013 SMB IT Conference. The Cradlepoint Cloud Network Services initiative seeks to “unbox” networking for SMBs by replacing network services that traditionally run on hardware appliances with apps that run on cloud networks. Now, customers can deploy network services on their Cradlepoint cloud networks with just a few clicks, and for a few dollars per user per month. Additionally, the company announced Cradlepoint for Android – the first, all-in-one cloud network solution for mobile devices.

“Workforces today are mobile and need easy access to behind-the-firewall resources from any location and across multiple devices. This represents a fundamental challenge for IT organizations that rely on hardware appliances and Windows endpoint software for remote access connectivity and security,” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “With the emergence of SDN-powered cloud networking and Network Function Virtualization, we expect that traditional appliance and endpoint services, such as security, visibility, and deep packet inspection functions, will start to be virtualized and migrated to a cloud services model.”

According to a recent Spiceworks survey on remote access trends, 75 percent of SMB IT professionals say the number of remote and mobile workers grew in recent years, and that 96 percent of these workers need access to behind-the-firewall resources. This represents a new set of network and security challenges for IT organizations: 42 percent of SMB IT professionals cited mobile device security as a top concern, and more than 60 percent are spending more on networking and security than before.

Cradlepoint Cloud Network Services, available on-demand through the AppScape store, simplify and reduce the cost of deploying essential network services. Since they run on Cradlepoint cloud networks, IT pros maintain security, visibility and control no matter where employees roam, what devices they use, or resources they access. In the same Spiceworks survey cited above, more than 50 percent of SMB IT professionals indicated they would consider cloud-based network services to replace traditional hardware appliance and endpoint solutions.

“Pertino Cloud Network Services, AppScape, and Cradlepoint for Android are the latest steps in our strategy to ‘unbox’ and uncomplicate networking for SMBs while delivering enterprise-class capabilities,” said Todd Krautkremer, vice president of marketing, Cradlepoint. “As companies adopt more cloud-based services and their employees demand more mobile options, they quickly reach a tipping point where moving their network, and all of its essential services, to the cloud just makes sense—it’s more economical and effective.”

Cradlepoint Cloud Network Services

Cradlepoint Cloud Network Services are an extension of the company’s SDN-powered Cloud Network Engine. Combining the recently announced Network Service Virtualization (NSV) technology with a new policy framework, Cradlepoint Cloud Network Services is designed to virtualize common appliance and endpoint functions and activate them as cloud services on-demand, based on user policy and location. For example, when a user flies from their San Francisco headquarters to London, their policy and services automatically follow them as they connect to the Cradlepoint cloud data center in London – ensuring optimal protection and performance. Hardware-based services are typically deployed in a fixed location and all remote user traffic is backhauled.

Cradlepoint AppScape™ – The Industry’s First Cloud Network App Store

Cradlepoint AppScape is the public-facing element of Cradlepoint Cloud Network Services. The app store is part of a completely redesigned cloud management console, which provides IT professionals with a modern, cloud-easy way to monitor and manage users, devices, policies, services, and activities across their Cradlepoint networks. Using Cradlepoint AppScape, customers can buy and activate network services in just a few clicks and for just a few dollars per month. Because services are user based, they automatically follow Cradlepoint network users across the globe and across multiple devices. The first available app, GeoView – a real-time network-mapping tool – is available now with additional Cradlepoint and third-party apps starting to roll-out in early 2014 for network visibility, security, optimization and more.

All-in-one Android Solution for Secure Mobile Access

As the Spiceworks Remote Access survey points out, the increased use of mobile devices is causing headaches for IT pros, with behind-the-firewall access and security topping the list. Cradlepoint aims to alleviate these concerns, beginning with Cradlepoint for Android. This new mobile app for Android devices seamlessly integrates Cradlepoint cloud network VPN with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and file browser services to provide mobile users with secure access to applications and files anywhere in the world.

Cradlepoint for Android provides users with a LAN-like experience that requires no training, and no complicated device names or IP addresses to remember. IT pros gain full visibility and control of Android devices, in addition to Windows and Mac machines on their Cradlepoint networks.

Cradlepoint for Android is currently in private beta with general availability planned for Q1 2014.  

New, Simplified Pricing Model

A new pricing model for Cradlepoint Cloud Network Engine also goes into effect today. Customers can choose a network plan based on the number of devices they are deploying on each Cradlepoint network. Plans start at 10 devices for $29/month, or $290 annually, and customers can easily upgrade plans as they grow. Cradlepoint AppScape will offer both free and paid cloud network services, as they become available, provisioned on a per member (user) basis. The first app, GeoView, is available immediately and free to all customers.

About Cradlepoint

Founded in 2011, Cradlepoint is reinventing networking for the cloud era, and in the process, providing a catalyst for democratizing IT for small-to-medium businesses. Globalization, cloud-enabled IT, and growing demand for always-connected people, devices, and things is affecting businesses of all sizes – making the “outside network” as critical as the inside one. However, traditional VPN networks have not kept pace. Pertino’s revolutionary Cloud Network Engine enables any business to build a simple and secure cloud-based network that connects people to IT resources from anywhere on the planet. No hardware. No networking knowledge. No upfront investment. To achieve this breakthrough, Cradlepoint has developed a software platform that combines the power and pervasiveness of the cloud with Software-defined Networking (SDN), network and service virtualization technology and cloud-based management. The company is venture funded and headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif. For more information or to try Cradlepoint for yourself, please visit


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Todd Krautkremer

Todd Krautkremer

SVP, Strategy and Strategic Partnerships

Pertino is my 5th start-up since "doing time" at AT&T and Siemens. I thrive on building new market opportunities and speak networking, security, cloud, XaaS, mobile, Big Data, carriers, and чуть-чу́ть Russian.

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