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  • Company: Pinstripes
  • Name: Howell Browne
  • Role: Technical Director
  • Location: Northbrook, IL
  • Website:
  • Industry: Food & Entertainment


Howell Browne is a seasoned IT professional with more than 30 years experience managing IT solutions for businesses. His company, Erminger Corp., subcontracts with ClientFirst Technology Consulting, a managed services provider that handles business IT. Several years ago, Howell was brought in to manage IT for a growing business called Pinstripes—a unique dining and entertainment venue that serves gourmet Italian American cuisine and entertains guests with bowling, bocce, event rooms, live music and more. 

Business is booming for Pinstripes, with six locations in the United States and plans to open a seventh in downtown Chicago in late 2014. The business hopes to continue this growth trajectory for years to come, adding at least two new locations every year. Because Pinstripes has multiple locations around the US and continues to add more, it’s important that all offices have the same reliable access to network resources at all times.

Business Challenge:

Pinstripes employees from around the country need access to the shared drive in order to complete their day to day operations. Previously, Pinstripes was hosting their shared drive at one location—Northbrook. If the Internet went down at Northbrook, no one could access shared files. Howell often had to call the Internet provider to have them come onsite and fix the issue. This server clearly needed to be moved to the cloud, but doing this with their existing Cisco ASA VPN would be cumbersome and expensive.


Once Pinstripes established that a cloud connection to their shared files was needed, Pertino seemed like the logical solution. No other alternatives were considered because none could match the simplicity and cost of Pertino.


Howell began looking for a cloud-based solution to get the shared data out of headquarters and into the cloud, thereby removing his single point of failure. He tested Pertino by setting up an AWS server and determined that speed and reliability were strong. He was pleased to see that Pertino supports Mac since most of his executive team uses Macs rather than Windows devices. Howell recommended Pertino to the team and began rolling it out.

The installation process was simple and quick. In fact, it took far more time to transfer the server data than to set up his new cloud server. In many cases, he deployed the Pertino client remotely to users’ desktops and when he did go onsite, it took under five minutes to add each user’s computer to the Pertino network. Pinstripes has deployed the Pertino client to over 55 devices and is planning to add more devices to the network as the company grows. Howell and the client both appreciate that Pertino is hardware-free and does not require forklift upgrades when growing the network.


By deploying Pertino, Howell has enabled Pinstripes to move their network infrastructure to the cloud and dramatically improve remote access reliability. He no longer worries about unreliable VPN connectivity and considers his more silent help desk phone a sign of success.

“Pertino has given the client and me greater peace of mind. We no longer worry about one internet connection as a single point of failure. The Pertino setup is reliable, which means users can focus on their work rather than on whether they’ll have access to their files today.”

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