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  • Company: SANDIGITAL
  • Name: Max Maxwell
  • Role: President/CEO
  • Location: Phoenix Metro Area, Arizona
  • Website:
  • Industry: Software


Max Maxwell is a service-disabled veteran who runs a fast-growing software company near Phoenix, Arizona. He started his company, SANDIGITAL, with a Software Developer friend in 2010. Max’s business is building custom, database-driven applications for small businesses.

Business challenge:

SANDIGITAL doesn’t have an office, and they don’t want one. For both personal and practical reasons, Max built SANDIGITAL as an entirely virtual organization, allowing him and his team of seven tech-savvy employees to work from home. It’s a strategy that Max believes to be the next logical step for businesses. “I know a dozen companies that have no offices and need the ability to create a virtual company. It is the way small businesses work today.”

When developing the virtual infrastructure for SANDIGITAL, Max experimented with a variety of web-based enterprise networking tools. But, he routinely found that not having a central office location created connectivity and productivity issues that none of the available tools could fix.

To keep business running smoothly, Max needs to make sure that all of the company’s files, tools, and information converge in one place—a place that doesn’t require a roof or a hefty investment.  Security is also a big concern—in order for SANDIGITAL to have federal contracts, the company must be able to prove that its data is secure. Frustrated with the options he tied, Max went looking for a better solution.


Max experimented with cloud-based applications such as GoToMeeting, Skype,, GoToMyPC, Teamviewer, and Google+. But none of them were a fit. A lot were strictly PC-compatible, forcing the SANDIGITAL team to use virtual machines for more than coding specific tasks. He also tried Dropbox, SugarSync, Microsoft's SkyDrive, and Google Drive, but the team had trouble using links for file sharing. As Max put it, “cloud-specific apps just didn’t give me access to all of my files everywhere, in the fashion that I needed them.”


Since SANDIGITAL has no physical location and limited resources, VPN won’t cut it. In fact, Max has declared that Pertino “is the only solution that will work.” He has installed Pertino on over 25 of the company’s machines, and is putting it on the webserver to allow for ongoing internal collaboration and file sharing. Max is even considering Pertino’s service to deploy SANDIGITAL’s software solutions for his clients.


For Max, Pertino resolved many of the challenges that come with running a virtual business. Pertino’s top grade security was another major benefit. “I run into problems all the time with small businesses complaining about security with web-based Internet services.  Pertino resolves those issues,” Max says. Pertino’s also helped Max find suitable freelancers without geographical restraints. “My LAN just stretched beyond my home. The product is just beautiful.”

Max also enjoys Pertino for personal applications. He doesn’t have to fight traffic going back and forth to a physical office, he can make accommodations for his disability by working in the safety of his own home, and can spend more time with his five kids. For both SANDIGITAL and Max himself, the cloud makes life easier.

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