Abstract away threats

Cradlepoint uses route encapsulation, virtualization and a private address space to abstract and obfuscate virtual overlay networks from the underlying public Internet. 

Since your network is invisible from the outside world, you're protected against port scans, packet sniffing and DDoS attacks.

Protect data-in-transit

Each virtual network is encrypted with SSL/TLS using secure 256-bit AES keys and hubbed on its own private vSwitch within the nearest SDN data plane. 

Your data-in-transit is protected end-to-end, securely forwarded and never stored in the cloud.


Extend authentication layers

Public cloud, mobile workforces and BYOD devices are challenging traditional authentication models. Cradlepoint's multi-layer approach ensures high-trust with low effort:

  • Network—control plane challenges data plane connections
  • User—extend Active Directory login to remote users everywhere
  • Machine—automatable keys for servers, VMs and containers
  • Device—PKI certificate protection without configuration

Enable zero-trust WANs

Cradlepoint enables enterprises to create zero-trust WANs that hyper-segment devices, cloud instances and containers into isolated virtual networks of any size.  Furthermore, the SecurityPolicy app helps establish access controls even within a single virtual network. If a network is breached or infected, the segmentation creates a "quarantine network" that instantly contains the threat and keeps it from spreading.


Add apps, not appliances

Our Cloud Network Engine has the horsepower to deliver network functions as virtual services in the form of software applications that run on its SDN control plane and data plane. With AppScape®, you can add services with just a few clicks—without the hardware and headaches of physical or virtual appliances. 

ADConnect is an AppScape security service that extends Active Directory domain services—like password resets, patching, policies and DNS—to remote users and devices anywhere.

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