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  • Company: Smith Trucking
  • Name: Anthony Almodovar
  • Role: Systems Administrator
  • Location: Worthington, MN
  • Website:
  • Industry: Transportation


Smith Trucking specializes in commercial transportation of temperature-sensitive food products and medical products. The 50-year-old family business operates more than 100 trucks and trailers from a main office and terminal in Worthington, Minnesota. Smith Trucking employs around 25 office workers and roughly 90 drivers. Anthony Almodovar has been Systems Administrator at Smith Trucking for eight years. Anthony handles --- networking and maintains the systems that ensure offsite employees and executives have sufficient network access, including those in the branch office.

Business Challenge:

Like any trucking company, Smith Trucking's operation is 24/7. Executives and fleet operators work in a constantly changing environment. When one trucks breaks down, the driver needs to be reassigned or loads need to be redirected, and that situation requires connectivity between employees, executives, and the company's headquarters. Smith also has a branch office, and its employees need constant access to the applications and files that 'live' at headquarters.

Smith Trucking's operation depends on multiple resources, all of which are housed in a VMware server in the main office. These include transportation software from McLeod, a SQL database, SpectorSoft monitoring software, and Square Rigger for parts inventory. In past years, Anthony relied on hardware-based VPN to connect employees on the road to these critical office-based resources, but over time, the expense and complexity of VPN spurred Anthony to find something better.


Anthony first decided to test out LogMeIn. But when he realized he'd have to install the application on 25 computers to get the remote access capabilities he needed, it became crystal clear that LogMeIn was not an affordable option.


Anthony initially put five employees on his Pertino network, connecting a second office across town to the company's headquarters. He installed Pertino on the company's SQL servers: a domain server and a file server. His first reaction? Pertino is "intuitive and reliable."

Smith Trucking now uses Pertino to connect their branch office and mobile employees to company resources, important files, and the specialized applications that keep their operation rolling. Life seems much easier for their Systems Administrator as well-as Anthony reports, "the remote access works really well."


Anthony sums up Pertino with this-"this app runs our business." He continues, "when a truck breaks down and the main office needs to get information about the customer to the driver, they use their Pertino app to [access information] that the driver will need." Pertino also lets Smith Trucking's managers view real-time inventory status, share critical information across the network, and address incidents quickly from any location. When asked about quality, Anthony shares, "it's faster than VPN-much faster. I don't plan on going back to my VPN as long as I have Pertino.

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