Under the Hood of the Pertino Cloud Network Engine

It’s time for a new way to network.

Two major forces—the cloud and mobility—are transforming the IT landscape. From how applications and computing power are delivered, to where data is stored, and even the devices used to access it all, business IT infrastructure is evolving for our modern era. Except for the one aspect that ties it all together—the business network.

Business networks have remained largely unchanged for several decades. They’re artifacts of a world before cloud and mobility, when networking was about connecting workplaces, not mobile workers. As business needs evolved, boxes at the network edge started to stack up, along with cost and complexity, in order to make them more accessible, secure,
and performant.

The rise of the mobile workforce as well as cloud-based services and IT resources is shifting a lot of traffic off the business network and on to the Internet where it is beyond the visibility and control of IT organizations.

Now, IT organizations are faced with the worst of both worlds: a costly and complex legacy network that falls short of meeting the emerging business needs, and a growing dependency on the Internet which lacks business-class security, reliability, and performance. 

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